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Meet Sophie! Sophie is a proud Mum who loves living in the beautiful Snowy Mountains. Sophie loves enjoying everything the region has to offer with her gorgeous Son and 10/10 husband, snowboarding, swimming in the lake, yoga and running to name a few. Sophie has always had an impeccable eye for detail and loved cleaning and puts these two skills together with her passion for car detailing. From salt on the roads in Winter to the dirt roads that surround this beautiful town, Sophie saw there was a need for a Mobile Car Detailing Service in town, and together with her husband, started SMM Car Detailing in 2021. SMM Car Detailing is a premium mobile car detailing service specialising in bringing the interior of your vehicle back to feeling and smelling new, using non-toxic, Australian Made products where ever possible. Services Offered: Interior chemical free Detailing with Steam Cleaning Exterior Detailing with Bug & Tar Removal Pre-Sale Car Detailing Leather & Upholstery Seat and Carpet Stain and Odour removal Child Car Seat Steam Clean Excess Pet Hair and Sand Removal Headlight Restoration We provide free call outs to properties within 15km from Jindabyne Town Centre, with travel fees beyond this calculated at the time of Online Booking. Workshop facilities available upon request at Jindabyne Car Care, 8248 The Snowy River Way, Jindabyne NSW.

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8248 The Snowy River Way, Jindabyne 2627