Snowy 2.0

Concrete celebrations! 🎉 The Snowy 2.0 precast factory at Polo Flat in Cooma has just turned three! With a workforce of around 200 people, it’s manufacturing more than 130,000 seven-tonne concrete segments to line the Snowy 2.0 tunnels. The first segments were produced in 2020, and by October 2023, about 90,000 had come off the production line - that’s about 270,000m3 of concrete, or enough to fill 100+ Olympic-sized swimming pools! Beyond concrete, we've been supporting our local communities through job opportunities, school-based apprenticeships and investment for regional business. #snowy2 #concrete #concretesegments #segmentfactory #construction #infrastructure #communitysupport #milestonecelebration #project #projectmilestone

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