🚶 Mandatory Walking Section - KosciMiler + Kosci100 🚶

As you may be aware, there are sections of course which are covered in the steel mesh walkways (pictured). These mesh walkways, while great for limiting impact on the environment and for traversing snow-covered grasslands, do provide a significant hazard to runners, with their grated and sharp surface. Running on these mesh walkways is dangerous and known to cause severe injury, so to help reduce the risk we are implementing a mandatory walking section on the longest section of these walkways - between Eagles Nest and Rawson Pass. This section is approx. 4km long and comes just after runners leave Eagles Nest headed for the Kosciuszko Summit. During this section you MUST WALK, and this will be enforced with on course marshalls and timing mats. This will be clearly signed and any runners not adhering to this rule will be penalised. A large portion of this mandatory walking section is relatively uphill, and at high altitude, to the extent that it is likely the majority of the starting field would be walking anyway, so this should not take away too much from your overall racing experience. There's also plenty of KM still to run, so think of it as an opportunity to bank energy that you can always use later in the race. There are other sections of steel mesh walkway out on course, including just after CP3, and we ask that you also please walk on these sections too, for your own safety. We also recommend wearing leather or other thick-style gloves during these sections, in case you do trip or fall, to protect your hands from the sharp serrated surface. They'll also help fight off the early morning cold! #UltraTrailKosciuszko #RunTheHigh

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