🚗🍱 On-the-Go Lunch for Your Hill Adventure! 🏔️🥪 image

🚗🍱 On-the-Go Lunch for Your Hill Adventure! 🏔️🥪

Hey, adventurers! If you're heading up the hill for the Inter Schools event, don't forget to swing by Seasn Cafe for the perfect takeaway lunch from our cabinet options! 🌯✨ We've curated a selection of delicious and convenient choices that are ready to accompany you on your journey. From toasties, bagels and healthy wraps, our takeaway options are designed to make your lunch both tasty and hassle-free. Cold homemade slices and a protein fuelled bircher cup to keep you going. *GF options available on request if not seen in the cabinet. Grab a bite that suits your taste and schedule, ensuring you're fueled up and ready for a fantastic time up the hill. Seasn Cafe has your on-the-go lunch needs covered – because adventures are best enjoyed with good food! 🚙🍽️ #thredbomtb #thredbo #thredboparks #thredboresort #SeasnCafe #TakeawayLunch #InterSchoolsAdventure #OnTheGoEats #FuelUpForFun

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