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Kalkite Kup 2023

The Kalkite Kup first started in 2007 when 70 players gathered together in a Garage at Kalkite and played until dawn when the first winner was declared. Since then it has been played every year at the same time with each winners name engraved on the Kup itself. This year will be the 17th Kalkite Kup. Kalkite Kup 2023 - Sunday 17th September - 1.30 pm reg for a 2.00 pm start - at the Jindabyne Bowling Club - $100 Buy In with a $100 Rebuy OR Top up as per usual. Prize Structure will include a Never Summer Snowboard for best hand, and: 50% 1st 20% 2nd 15% 3rd 10% 4th 5% 5th

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Sun, 17 Sept 2023

2 Bay St, Jindabyne 2627