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Hiring for Winter, or Year Round

Apply now: https://tbar-restaurant.com.au/careers Are you passionate about delivering exceptional dining experiences in a vibrant restaurant setting? Look no further than T Bar Restaurant, an iconic Thredbo destination celebrated for its delectable Italian-inspired cuisine, extensive wine selection, and handcrafted cocktails, all served in a welcoming, family-friendly ambiance. Operating year-round to cater to both summer and winter visitors, our restaurant boasts a bustling atmosphere, accommodating over 50 guests at a time. We're currently seeking talented individuals to join our team and play a vital role in elevating our guests' dining experiences. As a valued member of our staff, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to every aspect of our operation, ensuring that each patron leaves with a smile of satisfaction. Qualified Chefs Woodfired Pizza Cooks Kitchenhands Experienced Restaurant Manager Cocktail Bar Attendants Waitstaff

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