It's not often you feel on top of the world... or in this case, the highest point in Australia! While it might seem simple, building our #Layherscaffold public access system up the final 100m of National Park ascent to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko had some challenges... We moved 25 chopper loads of scaffold, before hiking the trail up 2,228m above sea level, all the while navigating encounters with the Alpine Funnel Web spiders... but it was worth every step! šŸ•·ļø If you're in the need for public access stairs, bridges or ramps, give us a call to chat through! šŸ“ž 02 9188 0288 āœ‰ļø #stagekings #builtbystagekings #temporarystairs #publicaccess #scaffoldstairs #scaffoldramp #layher #mtkosciuszko

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Summit Walk, Munyang 2624