5PM SUNDAY 19 MAY 2024 A fire broke out overnight on Friday at the Charlotte Pass Snow Resort Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). Fire services worked over several hours to bring the blaze under control. The fire has impacted the western end of the STP, which houses the main controls, pumps and plant automation. We are working quickly to determine the extent of the extensive damage and what options are available moving forward. A meeting with officers from the Department of Planning is set down for Tuesday. We also have Wastewater experts flying in tomorrow to assist us in determining all options and the next steps forward. With the STP offline, the village is unable to process any wastewater from taps, showers or toilets at this time. Following on-site meetings and consultations with NPWS and other NSW Government agencies on Friday, Charlotte Pass Village is closed to the public and no access is available. We expect to be in a position to provide you with further updates next week. Regards, Kevin James Blyton Chairman, Charlotte Pass Snow Resort

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