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Ultra Trail Kosciusko course announcement

We're excited to finally announce our courses for 2024! šŸ„³ The team has been working hard behind the scenes to secure access to some new trails for 2024 that have allowed us to open up new sections of track and new areas of the mountains for all distances that we think make these courses the best yet! The full course details for all distances are available over on the website now, but the key updates include šŸ‘‡ šŸ“£ Start lines in Perisher (Kosci30, Kosci50 + Kosci100) and Jindabyne (KosciMiler) šŸ‘Œ Alpine trails and views for all distances šŸ” A trip to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko (Kosci100 + KosciMiler) šŸ˜ Running on new alpine trails the Porcupine Walking Track and Snowies Alpine Walk (Kosci100 + KosciMiler) āœØ Descending (and ascending for the KosciMiler) the new Perisher to Bullocks Flat trail (all distances) šŸƒ Overall more runnable, more trails, less road, less steep and more fun! šŸ A central finish hub at Friday Flat in Thredbo. Head on over to our website and scope out all the distances for yourself, before picking a distance and getting your entry in!

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