Winter Film Night

We all have a choice—do we take what we’re given, or create something better? Stick to the flats, or take the steep trail? Follow the routine, or feel alive? Time in the mountains often takes you beneath the surface of what it means to be alive. Deep connections are forged and life long memories are etched into the mind. Join us as we delve deep into what makes winter so special as we share stories from local film makers Divya Gordon and Taylor Bennie-Faull. The two local short films: Maven and Convergence, set in documentary style, showcase local talent exploring the mountains both at home and abroad. With a focus on capturing the perspectives of the people who call the mountains home and the mental processes athletes go through exploring their own boundaries in the backcountry. This tour will venture into the Australian mountains during the heart of winter to share these stories with the core mountain communities. Join us for a night of great entertainment including Q&A sessions with the film crew and athletes as we join in celebration of the Australian mountain community

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Fri, 19 July 2024

17 Friday Dr, Thredbo 2625