Forecast 11/06/24 image

Forecast 11/06/24

Will be wet and windy today, so it's a day to remain inside, Rain will be very heavy around Mt Buller and then extend north during the day. Winds will be very strong and could top 100km/h about the peaks. Snow should start to fall about the peaks later in the day and into the evening as temps will be marginal (probably sitting around 1C most of the time). Early tomorrow temps should drop with snowfalls reaching down to around 1700m (possibly lower if we are lucky). Temps at the tail end of this front will be cool so we should see the snow guns fire up, and then it's likely the next week will be cold enough for the guns to operate each night to create that all important early season base. @purebrandzanz - 100% Australian owned & designed, 100% Eco & Sustainable.

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