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Bit of weather...

you'll have noticed that midweek, the Snowies are getting some more snow. The current forecasts aren't showing this but some weather pundits are quietly saying that the temperatures in the region are likely to be somewhat colder than the current forecast indicates. It kicks off Wednesday, no massive wet deluges (and when it's really cold, you don't tend to have a lot of moisture with it) but useful incremental snowfalls. If this Antarctic blast happens, snow levels could drop significantly around Thursday, possibly affecting roads in the Monaro. The current official forecast is snow to 1200 metres. The unofficial view is it could drop to 600 metres. So keep an eye on the forecasts, it's four days away, and if it's a go-er, you'll see those temperatures start to drop in the forecasts. It's already looking pretty cold, and so-far, no massive winds with this event, so hopefully the snow can fall and settle, not get scoured off the exposed areas.

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