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Good news: Today the NSW Supreme Court rejected an application from pro-brumby group, Snowy Mountain Bush Users Group, to halt aerial culling in Kosciuszko National Park. They were seeking a temporary stop ahead of a further hearing on July 2 and 3 and this was rejected. We've now seen a number of court cases in Victoria and NSW where a small group who don’t want to see a single horse removed are trying to frustrate the important work of our national park staff. To date all of these court cases have been overturned. We have full confidence that national park staff are undertaking these important operations professionally, safely and humanely, as has been confirmed by numerous independent reviews, including by the RSPCA and vets. No one likes to see animals killed, but the sad reality is that we have a choice to make between urgently reducing the numbers of feral horses or accepting the destruction of sensitive alpine ecosystems and habitats, and the decline and extinction of native animals. Aerial culling by highly trained professionals is the only viable way of reducing numbers and saving the national park and our native animals that live there.

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