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Radical Reels by the Banff Mountain Film Festival

Faster, steeper, higher, deeper! The most adrenaline-inducing mountain sport films from around the globe will thrill and inspire you with big-screen adventures when the Radical Reels Tour hits the road around Australia this October.The festival is the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s more outrageous, adventurous little sibling and is characterised by ‘Oh my God’ moments as elite athletes and adventurers conquer their challenges and dreams. This year’s tour promises to get your pulse racing, from the comfort and safety of your cinema seat. Watch death defying feats of pure genius, verging on insanity, shot in some of the planet's most spectacular settings. Featuring a collection of short films from around the globe including the winner of the Best Snow Sport film at the recent Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival in Canada. For more details visit https://www.radicalreels.com.au Please note the 2 longest films in the program are subtitled The Radical Reels Tour is exempt from classification, but all coarse language has been beeped out.

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Wed, 18 Sept 2024

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