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Wow!!! Jindy Hoops has just cracked 100 registration across #Friday Night Casual Scrimmage #Saturday Skills and drill and # School Holiday Camps What a massive overwelminjg and successful result and a BIG thank you to everyone that has registered. Last Friday we had a total of 20 paid men and women participating in the J Hooos scrimmage raising $200. This weekly figure will be matched $ for $ by the Aspro family putting $400 in the bank for the sol purpose of Community Grants with the 1st $1000.00 being pledged to the JCS P&C. We would love to see more community participation from all ages in our basketball actives that are fun, provide healthy life style choices and give many the opportunity to meet new people. Even if you are not sure about registering and having a run come out next Friday and check it out!! Here is the link for Friday Night scrimmages: https://share.hsforms.com/1Dyh_XbDGQzG-5bxuFHeJGQ5dofi Hope to see you on the court this Friday getting some shots up!! Loving LIFE!! Jindy Hoops Team

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